Pre-pasta Edit

Do you know that Peppa Pig show from 2004? The one about a little girl pig named Peppa? Well, If you have, then you've come to the right place to ruin your childhood.

One day I was on my computer, watching some Aqua Teen Hunger Force on YouTube. When My computer then crashed all of a sudden. 

I restarted my computer. That's when I realized that a .wmv file was uploading on my computer and It was taking up too many gigabytes. I was pissed off at the file and I tried to delete it, but It wouldn't work. 

When the .wmv file was fully downloaded, It appeared to be under the name "Peppa.wmv". 

I opened the file, there was a video document in the file.

I made the utterly dumb desicion to click on the unknown document.

The document had a stupid title, as the name of the document was just "giP appeP".

Plot of the Video Document Edit

The video begins with an utterly disturbing clip of Peppa stabbing George with what looked like Knife from Inanimate Insanity. Knife appeared to be screaming as he was drowning in George's blood.

Then It began with Peppa in her room, looking rather sorrow. All of a sudden, she started crying. And there was no other sound but the sound of Peppa's heartbreaking cries.

Then it faded to black for 6 seconds, I thought it crashed, but it came back with Peppa. Her soulless eyes were staring straight at me.

Then My computer crashed again, as I restarted it another time, only to find out that the .wmv file had vanished from my computer. I couldn't get it back on to watch the rest, because I knew that wasn't the end.

Well, I suppose that the rest of the episode will probably never be revealed.

Who knows? Maybe one of these days.

The rest of the Video Edit

Well, what I said about the rest of the file being known was wrong.

Today the .wmv file came back onto my computer with no explanation, I even checked my downloads to see if it's from a download I got, but it didn't show.

I clicked on the file only to find the video document from yesterday, It resumed where it left off last time.

It started with a plain black screen, which would make sense, as its a unknown file. Then It cut to static, after a little bit, we start seeing Peppa hanging by a noose in her room, She was completely naked, Even her V---na was showing, what in the world?

Then It faded to black, as the video ended there.

Moral Edit

Well, I guess that If you ever get that file on your computer, I guess you can go ahead and click on it, but as soon as you get to the document, delete the fucking file! I'm not even kidding. Immediately delete it, as it might affect your computer in numerous ways! You were warned...